So I’ve been working hard on the car the last couple of days. Getting what I can done.

After looking at the head that came with my engine, I decided to get a second hand head and swap everything over, as there was some wear in the cam journals that I’d rather not take the risk with.

So I picked up this mint head off an S15 SR20DET, and made up some head stands and got to work. I’ll dismantle the old head, and remove the valves, springs and retainers from that and use them on this head as it came with none. I’ll be running factory cams and valvetrain for now, as there’s no point in getting too wild with cams while running a T28.

Currently the engine is at the machinist’s being bored, honed, decked and having the crank balanced, but I’m waiting on my new oil pump to arrive before the block can be decked, So that’s holding me up pretty bad.

Scraped/wire wheeled all the seam sealer in the bay and in the tubs away so I can remove any rust starting to form underneath. There were a few small bits, but I’ve fixed them up nicely and primered it, so this chassis should last a while. I’ve also wire wheeled back around all the holes that still need to be welded, and trust me there’s a few.

Here’s the tower minus its seam sealer, now, should I seam weld this thing?

Also picked up a flywheel and ordered a custom clutch setup from the boys at Autoclutch. Shit should work really good. Gotta pick that up in the next few days so my engine builder can balance the crank up.

Hopefully next update should be when the shortblock comes back!

One thought on “Head.

  1. SLIDE EFFECT says:

    Loving the blog… Awesome work dude… keep it up, will be so rewarding once it’s done! and I vote yes seam weld, might as well since you stripped the sealer.

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