The end

Haven’t updated in a hell of a long time. This thing will probably end up being shut down once I have saved all the contents elsewhere.

The car is still there, but I just don’t find myself having the time to update regularly anymore.

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To all those who have read this thing, thank you, at times it has kept me going, and it means a lot.




So after finally moving house, I’ve dived back into getting this thing done!



So this is how it sits at the moment. All ready to be plumbed and wired up.



So today I installed my Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator, and plumbed it up, bar the connection to the fuel rail, as I haven’t ordered any hoses or fittings yet. Looks ok there, not super happy with it, but it’ll do for now at least.


I also flared the ends of my new brake hardlines, and hooked them up to my braided lines to the calipers. All that’s left to do on this side of things is to make up a mount for the lines, so they’re not floating around like they are at the moment.

Oh and the reason the suspension is all dirty, is because it’ll all be coming out to extend the lower control arms, and modify the knuckles.


And here’s my dog Sam enjoying some of this amazing weather we’re having today!

Next up is to mount my GREX filter block, and start plumbing everything up.

Guess who’s back

Well it’s been a damn long time since I updated this, but there hasn’t really been any progress until now, so here goes.

So late last week I finally got the engine bay to a point where I was happy to send it away for paint. So I dropped the car off at Custom Ride Body Works, and 24 hours later the car was back on the trailer on its way home, with an amazing new coat of paint. Cannot thank those dudes enough!

So once it was back in the garage, I got to work reinstalling the brake booster and cylinders. While I was there I bent up two new hardlines to the front brakes. I did this because I’ve welded up the original holes in the sheetmetal that the brake lines used to go through. I’m now running them through the holes for the ABS sender so there’s no chance of them getting rubbed through at full lock, so the OEM lines were about 4 inches too short.

I also wanted to hide the line to the passengers side, so I bent up a new one that runs along the crossmember, next to the power steering lines. Once the turbo’s in, and piping’s in you’ll barely be able to see it.

I threw the radiator in, just to see how everything lined up, and how much space there is between the pulleys and the electric fans. Because it’s an S14 radiator, I’ll have to make up some new brackets as the mounting boss is different. It’s leaning against the waterneck here.

With all the rolling gear in and torqued up, I decided it was a good time to throw the steering column in, and finally put my Nardi on the car. I’ve been using it in my daily driver for the past 6 months! Also picked up a Takata harness off a friend of mine. Once all the wiring’s been done, I’ll put the last few plastic panels back on, and it’ll look like a real car again!

And this is my garage at the moment. Painting things hanging off the garage door, and assembling as much as I can with all the parts I have stocked up, while I save some money for my ECU!

More Engine.

Been chipping away at this POS a bit lately.

Engine is mostly together. Started off like this.

And a couple hours later. I had it looking like this.

Then I realised cars suck, and snowboarding rules, so bought these.

Now I’m waiting on a couple of small things before I can finish the engine up and drop it off the stand.

But while I wait for those bits, I’m gunna crack into this engine bay on my next lot of days off and get it ready for paint.

Level UP!

So had the day off today and thought I’d get some shit done, and update this thing!

Started off by picking up a can of High Temp Black paint and going crazy painting all my brackets, mounts, and pulleys for my engine, after I cleaned them up in the parts cleaner the other day. They came out really nice, and should look mint once they’ve cured and I can bolt everything up onto the block.

When I dyed my carpet, I had a bit left over and decided to have a go at getting rid of the ugly grey that the sun visors are in these cars. Did all the clips, and the mirror cover too. So much nicer than that ugly ass grey, and all of about 10 minutes work.

Also put my dash in, but forgot to run my windscreen wiper wiring along the dash bar as I’ll be running them through the interior instead of right around the front of the car. So may have to fuck around feeding like 7 wires through or take the dash back out. Ugh. And I can’t get this god damn bezel to sit right, it’s all wavey in the middle no matter what I  do…..

Also finally got around to cutting my key up to fit in the Snap-On key holder that came over with my wheels from JP. Fuck I’m useless sometimes.

Now to get on with this damn bay!

Block is back!

Excuse the shit photo, but the bulk of my engine is finally back in my posession. Ordering a timing kit tomorrow, and then the shortblock will be well on its way to being ready for a head.

Put carpet and most of the interior back together in the last few days, looking good, just need to get the bay painted, so I can run the body loom. Light was too shit for a good picture of it.

More updates in the next few days!

Rad Fans.

My radiator came with some unbranded shitty fans. I knew they wouldn’t work that great so decided I’d get rid of them for a better setup. I need to straighten up  a few of the fins, but it should clean up mint.

I’d seen a guy use AU Falcon fans and shroud before and it looked to work pretty good with a bit of trimming, so i picked up a set off a wrecker, cleaned them up and got to trimming them up.

Made two top brackets, and some bottom locators and it mounts pretty solidly.

Came up pretty good after an hour or so with a dremel. Still need to do a bit more trimming so the hoses will fit properly, and get some rubber edging strips to seal the shroud to the radiator.

Also ordered a new oil pump and picked up my clutch the other day, so hopefully the shortblock will be back to me soon and I can finally get this thing going.


So I’ve been working hard on the car the last couple of days. Getting what I can done.

After looking at the head that came with my engine, I decided to get a second hand head and swap everything over, as there was some wear in the cam journals that I’d rather not take the risk with.

So I picked up this mint head off an S15 SR20DET, and made up some head stands and got to work. I’ll dismantle the old head, and remove the valves, springs and retainers from that and use them on this head as it came with none. I’ll be running factory cams and valvetrain for now, as there’s no point in getting too wild with cams while running a T28.

Currently the engine is at the machinist’s being bored, honed, decked and having the crank balanced, but I’m waiting on my new oil pump to arrive before the block can be decked, So that’s holding me up pretty bad.

Scraped/wire wheeled all the seam sealer in the bay and in the tubs away so I can remove any rust starting to form underneath. There were a few small bits, but I’ve fixed them up nicely and primered it, so this chassis should last a while. I’ve also wire wheeled back around all the holes that still need to be welded, and trust me there’s a few.

Here’s the tower minus its seam sealer, now, should I seam weld this thing?

Also picked up a flywheel and ordered a custom clutch setup from the boys at Autoclutch. Shit should work really good. Gotta pick that up in the next few days so my engine builder can balance the crank up.

Hopefully next update should be when the shortblock comes back!


So today I decided I’d give myself a present.

Been meaning to get myself a vice for a very long time, so finally bit the bullet and went down to my local engineering shop and bought this 6″ Irwin example. Can’t believe I’ve lasted so long without one, I used to have to go to work for every job that needed one. No more of that!

As soon as I got home I realised that I’d forgotten to get a pair of Soft Jaws, as most of the work I do is kind of delicate. So I hopped onto Trade Tools and grabbed some, while I was there I had a quick look through their specials and found these Infar long reach spanners on clearance for a price I couldn’t pass up! They’ll come in handy doing those pain in the ass bell-housing bolts when the motor’s still in the car.

In progress related news I picked up an SR20DE Manual throttle body, as they’re a bit bigger than the turbo ones, and also this had a manual TPS, so I don’t have a spare plug doing nothing, looking ugly. As soon as I got it, I got to cleaning it up, and removed the whole fast idle cam/coolant nipple setup, as I won’t be using it, and I figure I’ll just adjust the idle on the throttle body itself, as I’ve also completely removed IACV/AAC from the loom, and manifold.

Also got a number plate light off a friend of mine, and got to cleaning that up, came out pretty good with a bit of CRC and wipe with a rag. Ordered some LED bulbs for it, and grabbed some for the tail lights while I was at it. Should make it look a bit better than the horrible yellow light that regular bulbs give out.

Also been cleaning up all the front suspension bits before I put them back in once the bay’s finally painted. Here’s the crossmember and steering rack after being seperated, cleaned up, and painted with some epoxy black. Even though they won’t be seen once they’re in the car, they still needed some cleaning up as they were filthy.


Hope everyone has a rad New Years, I’ll be stuck in the city, would have loved to have gone away, but got a few commitments, and gives me a chance to get stuck into the car. So anyways I’ll leave you guys with a song I’ve been really digging lately. Pretty sweet video too!

Merry Christmas.

In between doing Christmas type stuff I’ve been trying to get as much stuff done out in the garage.

Dropped my engine off at the machinists last week, to have the short block assembled, it should be done early in the new year so I can get to assembling everything!

With the majority of the engine out of my hair, I’ve been getting on with smoothing this damn engine bay, welded almost all of the passengers side of the engine bay, just gotta go crazy with the filler, and get sanding. It’s already starting to look much better.

Also picked this Koyo aluminium radiator up for cheap a few weeks back, which is one less thing for me to worry about, and should keep temps down nicely, with another couple of additions to the cooiling system.

Also completely pulled my speedo cluster to pieces, removed the airbag LED, which is a prick of a job in Type X speedo’s, not just a case of pulling the bulb out like in older S13’s. Also while it was out, I gave it a thorough clean up and polished the outer plastic with Meguiars PlastX, which gave it a really nice finish. In this photo you can see some imperfections still, but it’s all just dust that’s accumulated since I polished the cluster, so I’ll give that a clean up once it’s installed.

So now all that’s done I’m gunna enjoy a few cold beverages over the break and keep on going with the engine bay, so I can finally paint it and install that damn engine!

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